The Tree

Fragments of poetics on fire Last & ultimate great creation of the choreographer for her company, The Tree is a poetic reflection on humanity and nature, on the edge of sinking… After eau, Pneuma and Now, it completes the cycle of pieces inspired by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. Based on Fragments of a Poetics of […]


A tribute to Francesca Woodman With this production, inspired by the figure of Inanna, a Mesopotamian divinity, Carolyn Carlson has created a committed yet poetic piece of work. It is pretty safe to say that Carolyn Carlson, the American without borders, is a choreographer of women par excellence: whether we think of the time in […]

Dah Dah Sko Dah Dah

Saburo Teshigawara is a leader of the art and dance scene, famed for his aesthetic fusing intellect, movement, stage design and lighting. Inspired by the Kenji Miyazawa poem “Haratai Kenbairen”, “DAH-DAH-SKO-DAH-DAH” (premiered 1991) is one of his major works, staged in 9 countries and 18 cities around the world. The resonance of kenbai taiko drums […]


Bringing the Mind back home, where the inner vision perceives the spaces we live in, inspired by the writings of Gaston Bachelard, La poétique de l’espace. These spaces contain the hallways of our mind as memories of mystery contained in sacred spaces and place. Shelters of our imagination of houses, corners, attics, cellars, and the […]


Sidereal time – the time of stars – is the way that astronomers fix their telescopes on remote constellations from night to night, since the earth spins them away each day. Celestial geometrics align our bodies with the complex grids of galaxies, and fireflies remind us that we can almost cup the stars in our […]

Frozen Songs

A figurehead of the Scandinavian choreographic stage, welcomed in 2017 at Chaillot on the occasion of the Nordic Festival with Scheherazade, the Norwegian Ina Christel Johannessen has created a multimedia piece with dazzling décors and intense “physicality”, a fertile artwork on survival. Crystalline and squeaking sounds resound for this duo, entangled in front of a […]


Asobi is a Japanese term that refers to what we do outside the obligations of our life: trivial things, passing activities, minor obsessions. Asobi also means ‘game’ in an adult, sensual context. Humans and certain animals with complex brains understand this aspect of life, this amusement in creating actions and tasks distinct from those we […]

La Pastorale

Thierry Malandin pays tribute to Beethoven in a piece that combines the 6th Symphony, Cantata op.112 and some motifs from the Ruins of Athens. A beautiful homage. Originating from an invitation by the Bonn Opera – Beethoven’s hometown – for the 250th anniversary of his birth, La Pastorale is the third time Thierry Malandin has […]

Sadeh 21

Founded in Tel-Aviv in 1964, the Batsheva Dance Company was headed from 1990 to 2018 by Ohad Naharin, an incredible dancer with a musical training, and a true passion for movement. Through his “Gaga” technique, a choreographic vocabulary that explores the sensations and the availability of the bodies, he made his mark on the dance […]


A creation for 17 dancers performed on a 34 degrees platform. In Skid, human beings relationship to the law of gravity, to the poetry of resistance and abandonment from gravity itself, sets the dancers in motion. Our very existence itself is about simultaneous dualities, between a desire to rise and a fear of falling. We […]

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