Juliet & Romeo

After Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, and Carmen, Mats Ek put together yet another groundbreaking production with his 2013 Stockholm Opera version of Shakespeare’s mythic drama, part of the opera company’s celebrations of its 240th anniversary. The Swedish choreographer interprets Romeo and Juliet as less the story of a rivalry between two warring families (the Montagues and […]

Överbord (Woman with Water)

Mats Ek’s ten-minute esoteric premier Woman with Water, inspired by two earlier works, Wet Woman (1996) and Place (2008), a pas de deux created for Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ana Laguna. With a haunting presence and technical flair, Madeline Woo performs the lead character of the Woman. She pieces together Ek’s signature moves: deep pliés in […]


“Riptide” the first major dance performance created by the Icelandic choreographer and dancer Hlín Hjálmarsdóttir. On this occasion, the Royal Swedish Opera for the first time produced a performance as a film. Choreographer Hlín Hjálmarsdóttirhas created a new performance exclusively for the Royal Swedish Ballet in close collaboration with the artist and designer Martin Bergström. […]

Midsummer Night’s Dream

After the sensational success of A Swan Lake, performed by the Norwegian National Ballet in 2014 at the Oslo Opera, the choreographical prodige Alexander Ekman created his Midsummer Night’s dream in April 2015 for the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Stockholm Opera. A powerful contemporary piece that explores the energy and the mysteries conjured up by the summer […]

Shift | Cacti

During spring of 2020, the world was paralysed by the corona pandemic and theatres all over the world were forced to close. Performances were cancelled and ballet companies worldwide were faced with a dilemma. No more audience and challenges were abundant. What could be done?At the end of May, choreographer Alexander Ekman was contracted by […]


Daydreaming, escape from reality, the power of imagination … are you an escapist? If so, when? We occasionally withdraw from reality by daydreaming, listening to music, watching a film or by inventing a new reality. At the theatre, you will visit, for a moment, a world you may never have encountered before in your own […]

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