Souls made apparent brings some of the most technically challenging and theatrically demanding NDT creators together in one programme: besides a world premiere Big Crying by associate choreographer Marco Goecke, the young dancers of NDT will present 27’52’’ by maestro Jiří Kylián. This piece takes the viewer along for a game of seeking and being […]

Im siebten Himmel

Three amazing choreographers and a few more famous composers: such a combination really ought to bring ballet lovers into Seventh Heaven – or Im siebten Himmel, as the title of the ballet performance at Vienna State Opera goes. With the music of the Strauss family, Gustav Mahler and Georges Bizet and the choreography of modern-day […]

I love you, ghosts

“It is Marco Goecke’s eleventh creation for Nederlands Dans Theater, but the first in the recently opened Amare. There is a new smell in the huge building, heavy doors connect the countless rooms with the long corridors, and construction pits are still being filled in here and there. Impressed, you look into the light-flooded studios […]

Lonesome George

Marco Goecke’s Lonesome George was first performed 2015. The touching and captivating work for 11 dancers was named after a giant tortoise called Lonesome George from the Galápagos Islands. It was originally thought that this tortoise, which died in 2012 at over one hundred years of age, was the last of its subspecies. That wasn’t […]

The Big Crying

Those who know Marco Goecke’s works know that they always have to do with himself and with the time in which they were created. Perhaps The Big Crying is Goecke’s most personal piece, begun in Autumn 2020, shortly after the death of his father. It is a piece about parting and about everything we have […]

La Strada

Zampanò, a coarse showman, is touring the entire country with his penniless assistant, Gelsomina. The dependent young woman, who always appears at Zampanò’s side as a clown, is badly treated by him and kept as a slave. But when Gelsomina meets the sensitive tightrope artist Matto one day, she learns for the first time in […]


Primo quadro – Il potere dell’arte Il mondo dell’arte sembra tremare, in modo minaccioso e tuttavia pieno di promesse.Un ballerino alla ricerca del proprio io artistico. La premo- nizione di qualcosa di nuovo si profila all’orizzonte. Secondo quadro – Tersicore Tersicore, la divina musa della danza, appare e dona la sua ispirazione. Terzo quadro – […]


Cassiopeia’s Garden Millions of years ago, an incomprehensible cosmic event occurred in the constellation Cassiopeia. The radio waves from this event are still perceptible today.Every event in our lives, even if it lies seemingly far in the past, poses the question: What remains? Christian Spuck Nachtmerrie Dreams have always played a big role in my […]

Walk the Demon

Central to Goecke’s new work is the conception of dance as art, which also makes a ‘voice’ audible behind the movement, and the desire to reinforce that voice of the piece through further voices. Alongside the musical voices of the orchestral works by Czech composer Pavel Haas and the Finn composer Pehr Hendrik Nordgren, Goecke […]

Der Liebhaber

Autobiographical novels are sometimes associated with youth, but The Lover was published in 1984, when Duras was 70, which is to say it was a work that arrived late in her career as a writer—and also late in her career as a serious alcoholic, though The Lover was written during a period of relatively new […]

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