noBody completes a choreographic cycle of three pieces about humans and their bodies which Sasha Waltz created in the years around the turn of the millennium. In her piece “Körper”, she investigated the materiality of the human being, relating the dancers‘ bodies to architecture, science and history. “S” searched for the origin of life, explored […]


In an iconic library designed by the visual artist Hans Op de Beeck, life is lived as if nothing will ever change. Self-centeredness and a clumsy search for acknowledgement thrive in pursuit of inner peace. The monochrome grey library is a counterweight to the trivia of everyday life. It is indifferent and unyielding – stoic. […]


A creation for 17 dancers performed on a 34 degrees platform. In Skid, human beings relationship to the law of gravity, to the poetry of resistance and abandonment from gravity itself, sets the dancers in motion. Our very existence itself is about simultaneous dualities, between a desire to rise and a fear of falling. We […]

Untitled Black

Untitled Black by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar is pure, multi-layered, emotional choreography. Through its atmospheric and futuristic movement, embedded in a structure of strong composition, it takes us into a fantastic parallel universe. Live music by DJ Ori Lichtik plays an important role. Untitled Black has been created specifically for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and eight […]


What is more indispensable, more immediate, what is more inseparable of us than our body? We are our body and exist through it. Everything we do develops on the limits of our body, through skin and touch. The body is our way of communicating with the world, our opportunity to connect with the others. The […]

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