Lonesome George

Marco Goecke’s Lonesome George was first performed 2015. The touching and captivating work for 11 dancers was named after a giant tortoise called Lonesome George from the Galápagos Islands. It was originally thought that this tortoise, which died in 2012 at over one hundred years of age, was the last of its subspecies. That wasn’t […]


Why does everything go wrong for this tormented man? In the timeless tale from the Finnish national epic, Kullervo unknowingly seduces his own sister, kills his enemies and finally falls on his own sword. When composer Jean Sibelius as a young man encountered the tragic tale of Kullervo in the Kalevala, the result made Finnish […]


Jeroen Verbruggen will create a brand-new production for 14 dancers of the Finnish National Ballet, with music by Bernard Herrmann from Alfred Hitchcock’s famous film, Psycho. The costumes have been designed by Erika Turunen. Verbruggen is a young choreographer from Belgium with a breathtakingly speedy creative process. His choreographies have been performed by several European […]

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