Paradigma includes three choreographies by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar (Bedroom Folk), Russell Maliphant (Broken Fall), and Liam Scarlett (With a Chance of Rain). Each piece presented by the Bayerisches Staatsballett is a representation of current developments in the art of dance. Just as every paradigm has an inherent structure, the evening is characterized also […]


Dance and science, arts and technology – Wayne McGregor is an adventurous experimentalist with no limits to what could serve as a source of inspiration for his work. His choreographies show his unique style, impossible to categorise. The triple bill evening Portrait Wayne McGregor consisting of the three individual pieces Kairos, Sunyata and Borderlands.  Kairos opens with stroboscope light. In ancient Greek the […]

The Blizzard

Resident choreographer Andrey Kaydanovskiy transforms Alexander Pushkin’s eponymous story The Blizzard into contemporary ballet language. The piece premiered and opened the Ballet Festival Week in April 2021. Though the story is standard school reading material in Russian culture, it is rather little known in other countries. Of aristocratic stock, the young Marja falls in love with the […]

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