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The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living Posted on 17.10.2021Leave a comment

The Cost of Living was shot on location in Cromer on the Norfolk coast: a typical, old-fashioned and faded English seaside resort. The summer season has petered to an end. An air of desertion hangs over the town.

Eddie and David are disillusioned street performers. Eddie is tough, confrontational and not afraid to defend his belief in justice, respect and honesty. David is a dancer who has no legs (as he is in real life), watching him makes you reconsider accepted notions of grace and perfection. He is quietly determined not to let his disabilities or society’s prejudices get in his way. A series of inter-linked scenes show Eddie and David’s encounters with other people; some are incredibly hard-hitting, others exhilarating because of their sheer physicality.

Based on the stage production the cost of living — conceived and directed by

35 mins © DV8 Films Ltd 2004
Commissioned by Channel 4 Television, UK

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PERFORMERS Jose Maria Alves, Gabriel Castillo, Robin Dingemans, Tom Hodgson, Eddie Kay, Tanja Liedtke, Eddie Nixon, Kareena Oates, Rowan Thorpe, David Toole, Vivien Wood
ORIGINAL MUSIC Nick Hooper, Paul Charlier, Jonathan Cooper
EDITOR Stuart Briggs
PRODUCER Nikki Weston

• Audience Award/Pro Faito Award Faito DOC Film Festival 2012, Italy
• Grand Prix RTBF-EOP!, EOP! International Film Festival 2011, Namur, Belgium
• Special Merit Award Documentary and Disability Festival 2009, Athens
• Special Mention Look & Roll Festival 2008, Basel
• All About Dance Award Milano Doc Festival 2007, Milan
• Choreography Media Honors Award Dance Camera West 2007, Los Angeles
• Best of Festival Picture This Film Festival 2006, Calgary
• Time Out Live Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance 2006, London
• Prix Italia 2005, Milan
• Cinedans Audience Award 2005, Amsterdam
• Best Camera Re-work IMZ Dance Screen 2005, Brighton
• Rose d’Or 2005, Arts & Specials, Lucerne
• Sette Jury Prize Montreal Festival for Films on Art 2005, Montreal
• Audience Choice Award Festival of Dance Film for the Camera 2005, Brasilia
• Jury Prize Dance on Camera Festival 2005, New York
• Best of VideoDance Audience Award VideoDance 2004, Athens
• Paula Citron Award Moving Pictures Festival 2004, Toronto
• NOW Audience Choice Award Moving Pictures Festival 2004, Toronto

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